SUMMARY: Rod-shaped , normally 2 x 4 μ., enlarged to 10 to 15 μ. diam. after 6 h. growth with 4 x 10 M-NiCl. Electron microscopy of ultra-thin sections showed a greatly plasmolysed megalomorph with the space originating at the poles after 1 to 2 h. Nuclear material retained its filamentous structure and the number of its loci increased; ribosomal material did not change in density, size or arrangement. The inner dense layer of the wall disappeared, leaving a dense-light-dense profile; the cytoplasmic membrane remained unchanged. Accumulated mesosomes may have accounted for the high degree of reticulation in the cytoplasm. Blebs of 0·05 to 0·1 μm. diam. on the exterior of the wall, delineated by a double membrane, appear to originate from the outer membrane.


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