SUMMARY: Tryptophan auxotrophs were isolated from strain 655 following mutagenesis with ultraviolet radiation, -methyl-'-nitro--nitrosoguanidine or ethyl methanesulphonate. The mutants were placed in five mutant classes on the basis of auxotrophic response to and accumulations of tryptophan intermediates or derivatives. The tryptophan loci were mapped by comparing relative distances of each locus from two reference loci, and Relative distances of loci were determined by ratio test analysis of cotransduction data. The tryptophan loci were shown to be contained on a cluster on the genome; the mapping data suggested the gene order: The genetically distinct regions presumably control two enzymic functions in the conversion of anthranilic acid to 1-(-carboxyphenylamino)-1-deoxyribulose 5-phosphate.


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