SUMMARY: Spontaneous formation of macroscopic aggregates of yeast cells is termed flocculation. Many papers have been written on the subject (for reviews see Comrie, 1952, Gilliland, 1957; Jansen, 1958; Rainbow, 1966; Windisch, 1968), but because of the importance of the phenomenon to the brewer most of the studies have been confined to brewer's yeast. An analogous phenomenon in a fission yeast is described here.

132 was grown in 125 ml. Erlenmeyer flasks each containing 10 ml. malt-extract broth (Oxoid, 2%, w/v). The inoculum consisted of 5 x 10 stationary-phase yeast cells from a 24 h. static culture in the same medium in a tightly capped McCartney bottle. Cultures were shaken on a rotatory shaker at 150 rev./min. at 32°; the generation time was 120 min.


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