SUMMARY: The utilization of amides as nitrogen sources by has been studied. Formamide is hydrolysed by a specific formamidase enzyme. A second amidase is responsible for the utilization of acetamide, acrylamide, glycolamide and glycineamide. Propionamide, butyramide, valeramide and hexamide are also substrates for this enzyme, but other enzymes may contribute to their use as nitrogen sources. The aromatic amides, benzamide, phenylacetamide and nicotinamide are good nitrogen sources, but are probably not substrates for the acetamidase. Methyl carbamate and malonamide are neither substrates for the acetamidase nor serve as sole sources of nitrogen for β-Hydroxypropionamide, lactamide and fumaramide are very poor nitrogen sources and are probably not substrates for the acetamidase. N-substituted amides are not nitrogen sources.

A large number of amides including non-substrate amides, induce formamidase or acetamidase or both. Acrylamide, although a good substrate for the acetamidase, does not induce its synthesis.


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