SUMMARY: Of a large number of sugars and polysaccharides, only cellulose substrates or cellobiose induced C (B-1,4-glucan glucano hydrolase; Enzyme Commission no. in Many of the sugars tested inhibited the induction of C in the presence of carboxymethyl-cellulose (CM cellulose); this is explained on the basis of a balance between growth and enzyme production such that a low growth rate is usually coupled with high C levels and vice versa. One per cent glucose completely repressed C induction in 0.1% cellobiose medium. Cellobiose caused slight inactivation of C by end-product inhibition. If the mycelium has no physical contact with insoluble cellulose in liquid cultures, virtually no growth occurs and C values are insignificant. These results are discussed in relation to the postulated C enzyme involved in the initial stages of cellulose degradation.


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