SUMMARY: The degree of autolysis of cultures grown and autolysed on 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 40 g./l. initial glucose was 64, 60, 43, 43 and 43%, respectively. The greatest loss (73%) of mycelial nitrogen took place with the lowest initial concentration of glucose. The greatest disappearance of lipids occurred in the period up to the 8th day of autolysis irrespective of the initial sugar concentration. The percentage loss of lipids was practically constant for the first four concentrations of initial glucose assayed. The amount of total free reducing substances contained in the mycelium at the beginning of the autolytic phase increased rapidly to a high level if the initial concentration of glucose was 40 g./l., but not if it was 20 g./l. or less. The total mycelial carbohydrates determined by the anthrone reaction declined continuously irrespective of the initial sugar concentration. The percentage of mycelial constituents released during autolysis increased with initial concentration of glucose.


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