SUMMARY: An unbalanced growth situation, resulting in large, plasmolysed sphero-plasts (megalomorphs) produced by the addition of nickel to the growth medium of a marine bacterium, sp.nov., is described. The effect of increasing nickel concentrations was gradual. Under the cultural conditions used, a slight effect was noted on size in 1 x 10M-NiCl, but in 4 x 10M-NiCl the cells formed megalomorphs attaining a size of 10 to 15 μm. Cell division did not occur in 5 x 10M-nickel. The lag phase of the culture increased from about 3 h. without added nickel to more than 70 h. at 4 x 10M-nickel. Concurrently, the maximum population decreased as the nickel concentration was increased. The classification of the marine bacterium is described and the organism is designated as sp.nov.


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