Protoplasts of obtained by treatment with helicase built a new wall in a liquid medium. The spherical protoplast was converted to a tubular form which later changed to an ellipsoidal yeast. Walls isolated at different stages of regeneration were analysed. Glucan (42 to 48%), mannan (25 to 31%) and protein (8 to 9%) were the main constituents of walls of normal and completely regenerated ellipsoidal forms. Walls of the tubular forms differed markedly by having a high content of chitin (12 to 18%) and of protein (20%); mannose was present only as traces. The glucan content was similar in normal, tubular and ellipsoidal regenerating yeasts. These results demonstrate that some modifications occur in the structural poly-saccharides of the yeast wall which can be correlated with morphological changes in the reversion process. The significance of glucose, mannose and acetylglucosamine polymers is discussed in relation to the biosynthesis of regenerated walls.


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