SUMMARY: Resting synthesized more aflatoxin on a medium with glucose than they did with any other substrate tested. D-Xylose and ethanol fostered the formation of kojic acid but not aflatoxin. Yields of kojic acid and aflatoxin responded differently to alteration in temperature, pH, surface-volume ratio of the culture medium, and the presence of various chemicals in the medium. [C]Acetate as a substrate led to strongly labelled aflatoxin being formed. The simultaneous addition of unlabelled kojic acid did not lower the relative isotope content of the synthesized toxin. On the other hand, addition of unlabelled acetate to medium with []kojic acid did reduce the relative isotope content of the toxin synthesized. It is concluded that the synthesis of kojic acid and aflatoxin follow separate pathways, and that kojic acid is not an intermediate in aflatoxin synthesis by resting cells of


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