SUMMARY: Vitamin requirements for growth in a casein hydrolysate medium were determined for 27 strains of from diverse sources. Panto-thenic acid, nicotinic acid and biotin were either absolutely required by, or markedly stimulatory to, all strains; none required thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic acid or folinic acid. Tween 80 replaced the biotin requirement of most strains. Amino acid requirements were not sharply defined and varied from strain to strain. As the amino acid composition of the medium was simplified the amount of growth was decreased and most strains would not grow when biotin was replaced by Tween 80. A single purine base was required: either guanine or xanthine alone satisfied this requirement for each of the strains tested; adenine was a suitable alternative source for some strains. Exogenous pyrimidine was not required.


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