SUMMARY: Methionine-requiring mutants of produce large amounts of hydrogen sulphide from sulphate, sulphite or thiosulphate when grown in the presence of suboptimum concentrations of methionine. O-Acetylhomoserine and homocysteine act like methionine with a methionine-requiring mutant which can use them for growth. Wild-type strains of S. and also form large amounts of hydrogen sulphide from inorganic sulphur sources when the yeast is deficient in either panto-thenate or vitamin B. This excess sulphide production is inhibited by methionine or its immediate precursors, suggesting that both vitamins are required for methionine biosynthesis. O-Acetylhomoserine is a normal precursor of homocysteine and methionine in and The effect of pantothenate on sulphide production by these yeasts is probably due to its involvement in the formation of O-acetylhomoserine.


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