SUMMARY: Thirty-nine human cutaneous and eight bovine obligate-lipophilic corynebacteria were examined for their fatty acid requirements for growth. Twenty-five saturated and five unsaturated compounds did not support growth. Oleic acid in and forms supported various degrees of growth. Erucic acid was also utilized but not ricinoleic and nervonic acids. Linoleic acid supported the growth of some strains but linolenic acid did not. These acids were not inhibitory to most strains tested. Three short-chain acids (acetic, lactic, propionic) and glycerol did not potentiate growth of the strains in the presence of oleic acid. In oleic acid broth, palmitic acid which did not support growth alone, stimulated 14 strains and inhibited three others. Strains of differed from the human strains in their growth response.


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