SUMMARY: A rod-shaped, non-motile, Gram-negative, oxidase-positive and asaccharolytic organism found in the human nasopharynx is allotted to genus and named The strain M 2, which is the only isolate, is proposed as the type strain. The average guanine + cytosine (G + C) content of its DNA is 53 mole %. Genetic transformation of streptomycin resistance reveals a comparatively high compatibility with and a strain designated with ratios of interstrain to autologous transformation frequency in the range 0·01 to 0·1. On the other hand, there is no affinity in streptomycin-resistance transformation between and members of genus including the old concepts and The family Neisseriaceae now appears to consist of two genera, and each containing both coccal and rod-shaped species, which makes cell shape questionable as a highly weighted criterion in the construction of bacterial genera and higher taxa.


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