The only thermophilic actinomycetes found in composts made from lawn cuttings were members of the genus . The isolates obtained agreed in the main with the description of (Tsiklinsky) Waksman, Umbreit & Cordon. Three strains have been studied in detail. They are true thermophiles, with an optimum range of growth 45–60°, and appear in abundance at the high-temperature phase of the compost, with a profuse production of aerial mycelium and spores. Spore germination is induced by heat activation, 5 min. at 85° securing growth under suboptimal conditions. Thin suspensions of spores in 1 % sucrose or in very dilute nutrient broth withstand 100° for periods of up to 45 min. Only very dense aqueous or saline suspensions are tolerant of these exposures. Surface growth on cellophan bearing a high density of aerial mycelium and spores withstands dry heating at 100° for 150 min. or at 106° for 5 min.


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