Summary: The nutrition of three virulent and three avirulent strains of has been studied at temperatures between 23 and 37° on a basal medium containing glucose, ammonium and other inorganic salts. The organism has considerable synthetic powers and the distinction between essential nutrients and non-specific stimulants of growth is not always definite. At 32° and below, the optimal medium contained phenylalanine, valine, isoleucine, cysteine, methionine and haemin. Five out of the six strains utilized leucine in place of valine, but the maximum count was then delayed. At 36° the optimal medium contained in addition, alanine, leucine, serine, threonine, biotin and pantothenate. Omission of alanine or leucine delayed growth without reducing the maximum population. When biotin and pantothenate were omitted the organism required a mixture of twenty amino-acids.


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