Summary: Two new compounds inhibited the increase of phage when two phages of were grown on an indicator strain. These compounds also inhibited the appearance of iridescence in a lysogenic strain of this organism.

One iridescent lysogenic strain showed a rise in phage titre at 1 1/2-2 hr., which corresponded to the latent period of the phage when it acted on an indicator strain. Both these increases were inhibited by the compounds. This lysogenic strain also showed a rise in phage titre at 4 hr. but this was unaffected by the compounds. The final phage titre of the lysogenic culture was not affected significantly, unlike the complete and permanent suppression of phage increase when free phage acted on an indicator strain. Cultures and filtrates of three lysogenic strains of showed a great increase in phage titre when assay plates (against an indicator strain) were incubated for a further period after the initial reading at 18 hr.


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