SUMMARY: grown under conditions of Mg-depletion in batch eulture in simple salts medium lost sensitivity to polymyxin B, causing lysis, release of 260 nm. absorbing materials and loss of viability. The patterns of lysis and leakage produced by polymyxin were similar with regard to the effect of growth in different Mg concentrations and the inhibitory effect of high polymyxin concentrations. The rates of lysis and leakage for any one suspension were similar. There was decreased polymyxin uptake by insensitive bacteria. Addition of Mg or one of several cations restored sensitivity both to polymyxin and to EDTA to varying degrees, but only after several cell divisions had occurred. A close similarity was observed between the effects of Mg-depletion on sensitivity to EDTA and to polymyxin; a relationship between their mechanisms of action is suggested. It is proposed that cations are essential for the synthesis of sensitive components of the envelope and may themselves be involved in the structure of the component.


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