SUMMARY: Five mutations of LT2 have been mapped by transduction. They were isolated from five motile ( ) strains each with a different form of antigen-, caused by mutation of , the structural gene for phase-1 flagellin. was cotransduced (frequency 0.1 to 0.5) with each of the mutations. Three-point crosses using a serological selection technique indicate the following order: -50--58--55- The position of -52 was not discovered. If the complementation groups correspond to the genes their order is

Of the five mutations four (M5, M20, M11, M12) appear to be very closely linked. The fifth (M6) is outside this cluster. Transductants with functionally and antigenically normal antigen- were obtained, at a very low frequency, in crosses between -curly and strains: they are attributed to crossing over within between the ‘curly’ mutation and the mutations causing alteration in serological character. Some earlier conclusions (Joys & Stocker, 1963) as to gene order, especially within , now seem unjustified.


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