SUMMARY: cf 2004-6, a recipient strain, and 04m 2, an Hfr donor strain of 04:K(undetermined):H5, were used in mating experiments with k 12. 04m 2 behaved like the k12 donor strain in mating experiments. These donor strains genetically recombined with the k12 recipient at higher frequencies than with cf2004-6. The results of interrupted mating experiments were also more typical with the k12 recipient than with cf2004-6 in that there were sharp entry times for the markers studied and linear increases of recombinants with time. The possibility that host-controlled restriction decreased genetic recombination between k12 and cf2004-6 was pursued. We obtained no evidence for this possibility. Instead the data suggest that genetic heterology between these strains is affecting recombination. Genetic heterology also explains why 04 m2 behaves more like a k 12 donor in mating experiments with cf2004-6.


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