SUMMARY: Serological studies were conducted on (ATCC 521) in an attempt to identify its agglutinating antigens.

Glycerol teichoic acid was isolated from the cell wall of ATCC 521. Isolated wall teichoic acid removed 121 and 122 antibodies from ATCC 521 antiserum, thereby demonstrating that it is an antigen involved in agglutination. 127 antibodies were not removed from antisera by the wall teichoic acid. Isolated ATCC 521 cell walls did not agglutinate in anti-112 antiserum, nor did wall teichoic acid from the same organism react with this serum.

Intracellular teichoic acid of ATCC 521 also removed agglutinating antibody from whole antisera. Gel double-diffusion experiments indicated that cell wall and intracellular teichoic acid are immunologically identical.

(ATCC 521) mucopeptide was prepared from the cell walls, and this component did not remove agglutinating antibody from antisera.


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