SUMMARY: A mutant (Cbl-1) was isolated from 168 wild type () sporulating cultures grown on nutrient agar. This mutant differs from the parental strain as follows. (1) In nutrient broth the mutant excretes a substance which kills the cells. Therefore when grown in a mixed culture (Cbl-1 plus ), this property leads to a take-over pattern by the Cbl-1 mutant, and the spores obtained from such a culture are entirely of the mutant type. (2) The DNA of the Cbl-1 strain has a buoyant density in CsCl of 1·714g./cm. while that of the normal 168 is 1·703 g./cm. although both strains have a G + C content of 42 moles %. An explanation for the higher buoyant density of the Cbl-1 DNA has not yet been found. In addition to the base ratio data, transformation and transduction experiments indicate that Cbl-1 is a mutant of 168.


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