SUMMARY: Four hypocholesteremic compounds, SKF 3301-A, SKF 525-A, SKF 16467-A and AY 9944, inhibited the growth of ; SKF 2314, SKF 7732-A and SKF 7997-A did not. All seven compounds inhibited the growth of . The inhibition of growth of by SKF 3301-A and AY 9944 was annulled by certain unsaturated fatty acids but not by sterols; with the inhibition was annulled by oleic acid + cholesterol.

With sub-inhibitory concentrations of SKF 3301-A caused growth which showed two phases, distinguished by an abrupt change in growth rate. At the position of the hyphal front when growth rate changed a ring of perithecia was formed. During the second period, when growth was slower, perithecia were formed in rings. The number of perithecia formed could be at least twice that in the drug-free controls. With AY 9944 no perithecia were produced at concentrations sub-inhibitory to vegetative growth. On media with SKF 3301-A or AY 9944 and oleic acid, few perithecia were formed despite good vegetative growth; with SKF 3301-A, but not AY 9944, the addition of cholesterol as well increased perithecial production.


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