SUMMARY: By a numerical classification, strains received as were divided into two clusters; these two groups were named as (Eppinger) Blanchard and Trevisan, respectively, recognizing the name of for the group which included strain atcc 3318, received as .

The genus was divided into 7 groups; (I) (in a new sense); (2) ; (3) ; (4) ; (5) a group provisionally named ; (6) ; (7) .

The species provisionally named was made up of strains which, when received from other workers, bore 8 species names: and .

Relationships between seven species of are shown as a dendrogram, and descriptions of characteristics (here called Hypothetical Mean Organism) of the species are presented.

A method called numerical identification is presented by which identification can be made, without subjective judgement, by comparison of the characters of a test strain with the Hypothetical Mean Organism after permissible limits of S-values for the Hypothetical Mean Organism have been established.


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