SUMMARY: A strain of produced CM cellulase in liquid culture containing either cellulose powder or carboxymethyl-cellulose (CM cellulose) as sole carbon source, and when the fungus was growing in its natural host (lucerne). The CM cellulase liberated when the fungus was grown in liquid culture was fractionated on Sephadex G75, giving three major peaks and two minor peaks of cellulase activity. The materials of the three major peaks differed from each other in molecular weight, Michaelis constant and pH/activity curve, but were the same whether induced by cellulose powder or CM cellulose. Incubation of the materials of the three major peaks with CM cellulose resulted in the production of only medium-length polymers and cellobiose. No cellobiase was detected in liquid culture. CM cellulase activity was found to be only slight in the living infected lucerne tissue but was considerable in the dead infected tissue.


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