SUMMARY: Two antigens, a glucose-rich capsular polymer and a cell wall carbohydrate consisting of -acetylglucosamine, glucose and rhamnose, were isolated from , strain s 19. -acetylglucosamine and a haptenic fraction rich in glucosamine inhibited approximately 56 and 63% of the quantitative precipitin reaction between the s 19 cell wall carbohydrate and its homologous antiserum, respectively. A cross-reactivity between a preparation of azo-protein, which consisted of terminal β--acetylglucosaminide residues, and s 19 antiserum substantiated the fact that -acetylglycosamine is one of the major antigenic determinants of the s 19 cell-wall carbohydrate.

Haptenic inhibition studies have not revealed any structural feature of the antigenic determinant of the glucose-rich capsular polymer.


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