SUMMARY: Using non-flagellate(-) mutants of gn-complex antigenic derivatives of a stable phase-1 strain of the positions of the antigenic specificity-determining sections on the genetic map of 1, a structural gene for flagellar protein, were located by establishing a system for selecting intra- recombinants. Before the recombination experiments, a factor analysis of the gn-complex antigens of the strains was made by cross-absorption tests: nine factors were detected.

P22 phage-mediated transductions were carried out between different pairs of -linked - mutants, whose -alleles were different and whose - sites were on opposite sides of The + transductants, present as swarms in semi-solid medium, were isolated and the composition of their flagellar antigens examined with specific antisera. Among 1366 + transductants obtained, 26 clones were shown to have ‘recombinant antigens’ carrying some factors of one or both of the parental-type antigens. With several ‘recombinant antigens’, some new specificities with weak antigenicity were detected. The flagellar protein, ‘flagellin’, of an ‘antigen recombinant’ was proved to be a recombinant of the two parental flagellins by finger-printing analysis of tryptic digests.

On the assumption that these ‘antigen recombinants’ resulted from a single cross-over within the relative positions of the antigenic specificity-determining sections within donor and recipient with regard to the cross-over point were obtained for individual ‘antigen recombinants’. Summarizing the relative positions thus inferred, it was shown that each of the antigenic specificity-determining sections maps as a unit; and that as a whole they form a linear array within Sections specifying some tryptic peptides of flagellins were also mapped within


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