SUMMARY: Cell walls were prepared from various species of the genus which are resistant to ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid (EDTA). The cell walls were analysed and comparisons made with the walls of EDTA-sensitive pseudomonads. The walls had none of the structural features which appeared to characterize EDTA-sensitive pseudomonads. Lipopolysaccharide was not extracted from the walls of resistant organisms by EDTA at pH 9.2. The wall of contained almost no lipid or protein but consisted mainly of glycosaminopeptide and material which resembled a teichoic acid. It is proposed that this organism be removed from the genus The walls of and had compositions broadly characteristic of Gram-negative bacteria. The four species are not obviously related. Glycolipids were present in the walls of and An ornithine-containing lipid was isolated from and partly characterized. A small amount of this lipid was also present in The wall of was distinctive in its wide range of monosaccharide components, including an unidentified neutral sugar of high mobility on paper chromatograms.


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