SUMMARY: The symptoms of tetanus in mice, resulting from intramuscular injection of either purified tetanus toxin or vegetative bacilli of , can be partially prevented if the mice are injected at the same time, or a few hours before or afterwards, with a preparation of mixed gangliosides or with a suspension of ganglioside/cerebroside complex. Injection at the same site as the toxin injection is most effective, although intravenous injection of ganglioside (but not of the complex) also has some action; 0.5 mg. of ganglioside when complexed with 1.5 mg. cerebroside is as effective in protection as 5 mg. ganglioside alone. Protection by complexes containing different proportions of ganglioside reflects their ability to fix tetanus toxin It is tentatively suggested that injection of ganglioside/cerebroside complex at a site of injury might be of prophylactic value in human tetanus.


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