SUMMARY: grew and sporulated in pure culture at pH 4.2 on a partially defined medium containing: mineral salts, glucose, yeast extract, haematin, casein hydrolysate. The inoculum equiv. 0.22 mg. protein/25 ml. grew to equiv. 21.5 mg. protein/25 ml. in about 12 days. varieties 1 and 2 also grew and sporulated on this medium. The yeast extract and haematin were essential for growth; the casein hydrolysate was not. Omission of glucose resulted in a 50% decrease in growth yield. Ethanol, galactose, glycerol, lactose, mannitol, mannose, potato starch, raffinose or sorbitol could replace glucose, but the growth yield was decreased. Fructose, inulin, sucrose and the pentoses and carboxylic acids tested did not support growth.


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