SUMMARY: Water-insoluble complexes of ganglioside with cerebroside fixed tetanus toxin at low concentrations (a few LD 50/ml.) of toxin. A complex containing 25% ganglioside with cerebroside was 50 times better at fixing toxin than complexes containing either 2% or 50% ganglioside. A complex containing 25% of a mixture of the gangliosides G and G was 12 times better at fixing toxin than a similar complex with gangliosides G and G. Complexes of ganglioside with sphingomyelin and lecithin fixed toxin to a slight extent, while complexes with tripalmitin and cholesterol did not fix toxin. The complex of cerebroside and ganglioside, containing 25% ganglioside, did not fix strychnine, serotonin, botulinum toxin or plasma albumin.


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