SUMMARY: The unnatural glucose analogue 2-deoxy-d-glucose was found to be fungistatic rather than fungicidal for a laboratory wild-type strain of the Basidio-mycete ; the analogue was not used as a carbon+energy source. Extension-growth rate of the organism was profoundly affected by the presence of 2-deoxyglucose; but although this growth could be prevented completely the inhibition was readily annulled, either by the addition of an excess of the normal substrate or by transfer to normal media. The extent of the inhibition observed depended not only on the ratio of normal hexose to analogue, but also on the identity of the normal hexose in the medium. was at least 100 times more sensitive to the analogue when fructose was present than with glucose. This extreme sensitivity differential was also observed in the effect of 2-deoxyglucose on oxygen uptake by spore suspensions: inhibition of O uptake occurred, and was about 100 times greater with fructose than with glucose.


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