SUMMARY: The base composition of purified DNA from 18 species of the genus was determined from the denaturation temperature, A great genetic heterogeneity was found with a mean molar guanine+cytosine (% GC) composition ranging from 35.1-57.6%.

and showed essentially identical base composition 35.1-35.7% GC. The highest values (54.1-57.6% GC) were noted for and These three species also showed a compositional distribution of their DNA distinctly higher than the other species examined. The taxonomic and phylogenetic affinity between and and the group must on the basis of these investigations be seriously reconsidered. The rest of the species examined showed a wide range of mean % GC between the two clusters already mentioned. A variable degree of genetic affinity between these species and the group cannot be excluded on the basis of the present examinations. Knowledge of DNA base compositions would appear to be of definite significance in the taxonomy of yeasts.


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