SUMMARY: possesses a hydrogen-producing mechanism similar to that present in the coli-aerogenes group of bacteria. Formate is converted to hydrogen and carbon dioxide by formate hydrogenlyase and is thus the only organism outside the coliform group known to possess this system. Formate dehydrogenase has also been demonstrated in the intact organisms with both methylene blue and benzylviologen as hydrogen acceptors, but with extracts activity was only observed with benzylviologen. Hydrogenase activity was present in whole organisms and extracts of Hydrogenlyase, hydrogenase and, to a lesser extent, formate dehydrogenase activities in are extremely sensitive to inhibition by oxygen. It is important support for the postulated mechanism of action of formate hydrogenlyase in the coliform bacteria that also possesses the enzymic components deemed necessary for this activity, namely formate dehydrogenase (benzylviologen) and hydrogenase.


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