SUMMARY: Fourteen previously unstudied strains of the genus and eight thermophilic strains of the genus were allotted to species on the results of physiological and biochemical tests.

On DNA base composition the strains fell clearly into three groups, corresponding to and NaCl-dependence appeared to be a constant and unique feature of strains, and ‘sulphate-free’ growth on pyruvate a constant characteristic of although one strain of also dismuted pyruvate. Fumarate dismutation showed no species correlation. ‘Sulphate-free’ growth on choline was often minimal and the test appeared to be of little value. A high degree of resistance to Hibitane was not a constant characteristic of .

The thermophilic strains showed great uniformity in DNA base composition, Hibitane resistance and ‘sulphate-free’ growth, and were all classified as .


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