SUMMARY: An immunological method based on the specificity of delayed-type skin reactions on guinea-pigs has been used for comparing 17 Nocardia strains. By this method, 4 isolates labelled , four labelled and 1 strain labelled could be grouped together with the type strain of Three other strains labelled were clearly distinct from this group of 10 strains. A strain of used previously as reference strain for this species was clearly distinct from the strains, and this applied also to a recently proposed reference strain of A strain of was clearly distinct from all the other strains, while the results obtained with a strain received without species designation were inconclusive. On this basis, the authors consider that all the 10 strains, which form a homogeneous group, should be classified as The 3 other strains labelled should be classified into 2 other species. would seem to be a separate species.


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