SUMMARY: Whole organisms and soluble extracts of a sp. were examined for their ability to oxidize suspected intermediates in the oxidation of -isopropyltoluene. A comparison of the relative activities of glucose-grown and -isopropyltoluene-grown bacteria and their extracts indicated that -isopropylbenzyl alcohol, -isopropylbenzaldehyde and -isopropylbenzoic acid are intermediates in the oxidation of the hydrocarbon. -isopropylbenzoic acid was formed during growth on -isopropyltoluene and this was also shown to be a product of the oxidation of -isopropyltoluene, -isopropylbenzyl alcohol and -isopropylbenzaldehyde by soluble extracts prepared from -isopropyltoluene-grown bacteria. The enzymes which catalyze the oxidation of -isopropyltoluene were repressed by glucose and induced by growth on either -isopropyltoluene or -isopropylbenzoic acid.


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