SUMMARY: Cultural characteristics and serological relationships of mycoplasmas from the bovine vagina, mastitic milk, and other sources were studied. Parasitic strains could be distinguished from saprophytic strains in that they required incorporation of horse serum into the PPLO agar for growth, produced surface crystallization on PPLO agar and did not ferment carbohydrates. All strains were haemolytic for red blood cells of the guinea pig, rabbit, sheep, cow and horse. Satellite growth enhancement was seen only with the strains associated with mastitis.

Rabbit antisera to each mycoplasma were tested against homologous and heterologous strains for precipitins and for growth inhibitory antibodies. Four serotypes were distinguished among the bovine isolates by agar-gel double-diffusion technique. Growth inhibitory antibodies were detected in homologous antisera against only four of the strains studied.


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