SUMMARY: The behaviour of certain intracellular components contained in the mycelium of during autolysis were studied. grown in an acid medium underwent an ‘acid autolysis’ in which a decrease in mycelial dry weight amounting to 14.6% occurred. The content of fat present in the autolysing mycelium continuously decreased throughout the pre-autolytic and autolytic stages. The concentration of free glucose in the mycelium continuously increased at the beginning of autolysis, whereas xylose soon disappeared when autolysis began. At the end of the log phase and during the pre-autolytic stages the content of mannitol sharply decreased, at the beginning of autolysis its concentration decreased at a slower rate, being constant at the end of the autolytic period studied. Fourteen different amino acids were found in the autolysing mycelium of Eighty-six% of the maximum concentration of these free amino acids disappeared from mycelium before autolysis; 81% of the remainder during autolysis.


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