SUMMARY: Thirteen strains of motile enterococci showed more similarity, in their physiological reactions, to than to A serological study of the type antigens divided the motile strains into four sets; (I) three strains previously described as serotype 29, (2) one strain reacting as serotype 38, (3) five strains showing a specific reaction with antiserum prepared to one of them (‘serotype 4725’), (4) four untyped strains. Esterase and protein patterns from the soluble fractions of the motile strains were examined by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel and were different from those of non-motile strains of and Extracts of the three motile strains of type 29 showed a common esterase pattern, extracts from five strains of serotype 4725 showed three different esterase patterns. The motile strain of serotype 38 gave extracts with a strong esterase band which differed from the very weak bands shown by extracts of non-motile strains. Differences in esterase pattern could be found between motile strains whether untyped, of different serotypes, or of the same serotype. Comparison of the ‘protein patterns’ of motile strains gave some indication that major protein bands occurred at similar positions after electrophoresis.


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