SUMMARY: ‘Whole’ and autolysed motile-phase cells of were examined after negative staining with phosphotungstate. Motile-phase cells and cells in other developmental stages were examined in thin sections. The integument of motile-phase cells was homogeneous and about 30mμ thick and was associated with an outer diffuse capsule-like matrix. Three types of intracytoplasmic organelles and occasionally a large fluid-filled vesicle were present. Flagella varied from a few to more than 50 per cell; their diameter was estimated to be approximately 8–9 mμ. In autolysed cells, the flagella were seen to be attached to differentiated regions of the cytoplasmic membrane. The peripheral zone of the integument of cells in all developmental stages appeared to undergo sloughing. In ‘young hyphal’ and ‘packet’ cells, stratification of the integument was frequently observed. Germinating cells of D. congolensis were larger than motile-phase cells and contained characteristic translucent membraneless cytoplasmic inclusions. The general anatomical features of , especially of germinating cells, closely resembled those of


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