SUMMARY: As conidia of aged, the activity of NADP-specific glutamic acid dehydrogenase (NADP-GDH) decreased to negligible values. Subsequent to this decrease, a significant increase occurred in the activity of the NAD-specific glutamic acid dehydrogenase (NAD-GDH). Incubation of aged conidia in basal medium resulted in over a 100-fold increase in NADP-GDH activity within 3 hr. Although no net protein synthesis occurred during these early stages of germination, a turnover in protein was observed. The data presented are consistent with synthesis of NADP-GDH. Development of NADP-GDH activity was dependent upon an appropriate carbon source and pH value. An exogenous nitrogen source was not required. The data do not directly support reciprocal regulation of the synthesis of NAD-GDH and NADP-GDH in Neurospora as postulated by Sanwal & Lata (1962).


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