The catabolic pathways for the utilization of glucose and gluconate by one strain of each of five species of the genus were examined. The relative participation of concurrent glucose pathways in each of these five strains was estimated. The findings indicated that ATCC 7005 and ATCC 11408 displayed catabolic behaviour similar to that of ATCC 8010 in that the glycolytic pathway played a major role in glucose catabolism. In contrast, in ATCC 7698 and ATCC 9850, the glycolytic pathway and the pentose cycle pathway played almost equally important roles in glucose utilization. The catabolic pathway functioning in ATCC 7084 was distinct from these other strains of Corynebacteria and resemble that of some Acetobacter strains in that the pentose cycle pathway played a predominant role in the utilization of glucose and gluconate.


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