During germination of spores, the cortex was lost completely, but with spores there was no apparent alteration in the cortex structure. On the other hand, the quantities of dipicolinic acid, calcium and mucopeptide, measured as hexosamine, released from germinating spores were similar to those released from germinating spores. It appears that only about 30% of the mucopeptide of these species is involved in the maintenance of spore dormancy. The solubilization of the spore dipicolinic acid, calcium and mucopeptide during germination only accounted for about half of the loss of dry weight from the spores. During the outgrowth of , the spore coats dissolved away at one pole and the vegetative form grew out, leaving only fragments of the spore integument free in the medium. grew when the largely unaltered coat and cortex layers of the spore split open at the organism's equator.


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