A strain of , designated M 120, was grown, and produced a marked cytopathic effect (c.p.e.) in calf-, pig-, and monkey-kidney cell cultures. The c.p.e. was characterized by enlargement of the cells, the appearance of intracytoplasmic inclusions and partial destruction of the cell monolayers. A similar c.p.e. was produced in tissue-culture cells following the inoculation of mycoplasma ‘toxins’.

Comparative growth studies of strain M120 in calf-kidney cell cultures and in tissue-culture medium alone showed that the organism grew more readily in the presence of cells. The rate of virus production and appearance of c.p.e. of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (I.B.R.) virus was delayed in cultures previously infected with the M 120 strain of mycoplasma as compared with normal cultures.


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