SUMMARY: The behaviour of certain non-nitrogenous compounds in mycelium of during autolysis in culture medium was studied. The mycelium of lost during autolysis 45% of its maximum dry weight. The amount of glucose, which was present from the beginning of autolysis throughout the whole further period of incubation, continuously increased to a maximum and then sharply descended to a constant value. Xylose decreased to half of its initial concentration during the first 30 days of autolysis and then disappeared. Mannitol descended in 95% between the 18th and the 114th day of autolysis. Seventy-four% of the fat present at the beginning of autolysis was lost during the first 138 days of autolysis. The disappearance of fat and mannitol accounted for about 48% of the dry wt. of mycelium lost during the whole period of autolysis.


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