SUMMARY: Exogenous citrate induced the growing thin-walled ordinary colourless form (OC cell) of the water fungus to produce more citric acid and, simultaneously, to re-utilize lactic acid liberated previously in one large wave of activity. In the absence of added citrate, release of citric acid was not detectable at the end of the cell' generation time, while production and reutilization of lactic acid did occur, but in very small amounts and in a series of successive waves. An increase in the generation time of an OC cell, previously known to be induced by visible light, was also induced by exogenous citrate in the dark, provided environmental conditions were favourable. Furthermore, increasing amounts of exogenous CO increasingly decreased the dark generation time; this inhibition was annulled by light. Some effects of gaseous (CO/O) and ionic (Na/K) balance are also described.


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