SUMMARY: The activation of spores of by various treatments was investigated. Mercaptoacetate did not activate the spores but inhibited the spontaneous activation which occurred in buffer alone. Sodium borohydride effected activation of spores by increasing the pH value above pH 10·0 rather than by its reducing action. The pH value of a suspension had a marked effect on activation; at 37° spores held at less than pH 3·0 or at pH 10·0 or more were activated within 1 hr. Continued incubation at an alkaline pH value led to a decrease in the specific requirements for germination, an effect not produced by acid pH values. Heat-activated spore suspensions became partially de-activated on storage unless they were continuously aerated. Spores activated at 37° and pH 2·0 or pH 7·4 readily became de-activated on storage, whereas spores activated at pH 10·5 remained activated. A specific requirement of heat-activated spores for sodium ions for germination was also found.


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