SUMMARY: Red blood cells from a group of fowls were sensitive to the haemag-glutinins of vaccinia and Coxsackie A7 viruses but the red cells from certain fowls exhibited differences in their relative sensitivities. Differences between the reaction of these haemagglutinins with susceptible red cells of the same sensitivity were shown by treatment with chemical and physical agents. There were differences in the effect of pH value on the haemagglutination titres and, unlike Coxsackie A7 hemagglutinin, the adsorption of vaccinia haemagglutinin to susceptible red cells was inhibited by divalent cations. Red cell receptors for both haemagglutinins were insensitive to RDE (receptor destroying enzyme) but were inactivated by treatment with potassium periodate, papain or α-chymotrypsin. There were quantitative differences in the degrees or rates of receptor destruction by these reagents. Haemagglutination by vaccinia and Coxsackie A7 haemagglutinins was inhibited only by homologous antiserum. These qualitative and quantitative differences indicate separate red cell receptors for the two haemagglutinins.


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