SUMMARY: The major characteristics of a temperate phage specific, as far as is known, for one strain of serotype 04 have been described. It is inactivated by ultraviolet light at a rate characteristic of temperate phages, and it is serologically unrelated to the P1, P22 and T phages. This phage (designated ø 04-CF) is short-tailed, contains DNA, is about 55 mμ, needs no supplemental Ca or Mg for adsorption, shows a latent period of 46 min. and a burst size of 166, and is ultraviolet light inducible. Phage 04-CF can transduce markers to the susceptible indicator strain of (CF 2004-6). The variety of markers transduced indicates that this is another generalized transducing system for The frequencies of transduction lie between 10 and 10 for different markers, but vary with phage multiplicities. This strain of also acts as recipient in matings with K 12 strains.


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