SUMMARY: Transductions were carried out with 22 non-flagellate mutants originating spontaneously from LT2. Taking the productions of swarm and trail as the criteria of recombination and complementation respectively, the mutants were classified into seven groups, namely and Each of them may correspond to a cistron. Among them, and were co-transduced with the structural gene of phase-1 flagellin, Based on the frequency of recombination between two non-flagellate mutants, and that of -co-transduction when available, linearly arranged maps of mutant sites in and were constructed. Co-linearity was demonstrated between the recombination map and complementation map in and , but with some exceptions in Partial complementation was frequently observed in combination of two mutants in a cistron.

Transductions from thirteen non-flagellate mutants investigated by Joys & Stocker to the above mutants indicated that, among the five complementation groups assigned by them on their mutants, four correspond to our and the remaining one, , is missing in our mutants. Similarly, among eleven mutant sites of the non-flagellate strains of SL23, ten are distributed in and The remaining one, assigned to a mutant of , does not belong to any cistrons described above. The recovery of flagellation in the strain by transduction was unsuccessful even when a flagellate strain was used as a donor.

Rabbits were immunized with each of the twenty-one stable non-flagellate mutant clones, and their ability to elicit antiserum specific to flagellar protein was examined by absorption-agglutination test. Among the clones examined, only one belonging to was found to elicit antiserum specific in flagellar antigen of the parental flagellate strain. It was inferred that the mutant can synthesize flagellin but cannot construct flagellar fibres. The remaining mutants were presumed to be unable to synthesize flagellin.


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